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25 January 2012

Is HTC’s Hero the rumored Android phone, aka Palm killer?

htc dream2 Is HTCs Hero the rumored Android phone, aka Palm killer?

Is this the HTC Dream 2?

A Telstra executive boasted the other day that HTC had a Palm Pre killer in the works leaving us to do nothing but speculate until the Mobile World Congress next month.  Until HTC’s entire 2009 handset line leaked onto the web yesterday.  The supposed Palm killer is an Android-based handset, and of HTC’s 2009 line, only one on the list runs Android (unconfirmed).  Codenamed the HTC Hero, the handset looks to be the G2, Dream 2 or whatever else you might want to call it.  It leaves out the QWERTY keyboard found on T-Mobile’s G1, so likely Android will have full multi-touch support very soon-basically meaning you’ll have a touchscreen keypad like the iPhone.

There are also a variety of other models, probably using Windows Mobile, including what could be the successors to the HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro, and more.  Brighthand has all the details.

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