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GPS obsessed

13 August 2013

The Life You Save Could Be Your Own

By James Neely/Guest Author

Seventeen-year old Brittanee couldn’t have predicted that the GPS tracker located in her cell phone would become a crucial piece of evidence in a police investigation. But when she disappeared on April 25, 2009, authorities used the signal to determine her last known location, giving them a starting point for investigation. While the search continues nearly one year later, still, investigators say that evolving GPS tracking technology has been key as they seek to discover what happened to the missing girl.

No one likes to consider the possibility of a son or daughter going missing, but unsolved disappearances occur every year. While the GPS tracker in Brittanee’s cell phone did provide aid to investigators, cell phone GPS tracking can be uncertain since cell phone towers tend to be less concentrated in remote areas, causing signals to drop. Parents who want a more dependable way to keep tabs on their kids can find what they’re looking for in a wearable GPS tracking device. Personal safety trackers have gotten progressively smaller and easier to conceal, so that if a kidnapping does occur, the perpetrator is less likely to discover and remove the device.

Clipped onto clothing or carried in a purse or backpack, the GPS tracking device will send a signal at intervals to a computer receiving device, enabling parents to check in on their children or teens at any time throughout the day. Many models also come equipped with perimeter alerts, allowing parents to designate “safe” areas. If the wearer crosses the perimeter, the GPS tracking device will send an alert to the parent’s email or cell phone.

People who live alone or who must travel at night frequently should also consider purchasing a tracking device and asking a trusted friend or family member to check in on them from time to time. If they do become a target for foul play, investigators can locate them and send help much more quickly with the information provided by a GPS tracking device than would be possible without one.

While Brittanee’s friends and family still hope for closure to her story, doubts remain as to whether the exact occurrences will ever be fully known. By taking the initiative to purchase GPS trackers for themselves and their families, parents can give themselves peace of mind in knowing that they’ve done everything in their power to keep them safe.

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