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GPS obsessed

26 July 2016

Apple tablet

Rumors of an Apple netbook have been shot down over and over again, but the persistent Apple tablet rumor seems like it may come to fruition before this Christmas. 
The Financial Times, citing industry sources, says the Apple tablet will likely feature a 10-inch, touch-sensitive display, internet connectivity with access to iTunes, and extensive media playback capabilities.  In fact, one entertainment industry executive told FT that “(i)t’s going to be fabulous for watching movies.”  It also appears that it will have e-book functionality providing Amazon’s Kindle a viable competitor.
Other features like GPS weren’t mentioned and it’s not entirely clear what Apple’s intentions are with the tablet.
In a separate initiative, dubbed Cocktail, Apple is said to have teamed up with EMI, Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music Group, to utilize iTunes in a way that will help record companies struggling under the industry transition from CDs to digital downloads.  Cocktail aims to “stimulate digital sales of albums by bundling a new interactive booklet, sleeve notes and other interactive features with music downloads, in a move it hopes will change buying trends on its online iTunes store.”  Currently the trend is single-track purchases rather than higher-margin digital album downloads.  Cocktail is said to launch as early as September.
It’s not clear if the tablet and Cocktail will emerge as a single initiative.
Check out Mashable for some mashups of the rumored Apple tablet.

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