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GPS obsessed

6 May 2012

Loopt Releases iPhone App V1.2: No More Same Sex Hookups

Apple’s pet location-based application Loopt released its version 1.2 update for the iPhone last night, not only with a few bug fixes and better location accuracy, but a completely revamped Loopt Mix interface as well.

Loopt Mix allows you to see other Loopt users you don’t have on your friend list that are near you.  Unfortunately in its initial release, the user interface wasn’t designed particularly well with no way of telling whether a person was male or female-other than a tiny, nearly invisible, picture.  Now it’s way more functional, not only offering bigger pictures, but also a symbol indicating the sex of your potential target.  And it gets better.

Mix offers filters: All, Networking, Friendship, and Dating.  You can also filter by sex so you’ll only be shown who you want to see and for what reason.

The Loopt Link extension which allows updates to be posted on Facebook and Twitter is further extended as well.  From the iPhone, you can now use Loopt’s Journal Widget and RSS feed.  The journal widget is a Flash application though so it has to be set up from a desktop computer due to the iPhone’s lack of Flash support.

You can download Loopt v1.2 from the iTune’s app store.

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