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GPS obsessed

18 July 2012

Mitsubishi nr-hz001dp in car gps entertainment system coming to japan

Mitsubishi nr-hz001dp in car gps


Greatly improved operability with the use of originally developed HMI (Human Machine Interface) named “Multi-relay Operations”, where operational sequence of 4 tools, touch panel, voice recognition, remote control and driving control, has been made common
Advanced voice recognition technology

(1) About 10 million vocabulary entries have been registered nationwide and search can be made on the scale of up to one million entries by prefectures.

(2) From user’s speech, whose expression is not even accurate enough, multiple keywords are picked up and what was said is recognized.

Standard features include a terrestrial digital TV tuner whose reception performance has further been improved by a newly developed receiver circuit.

Built-in Bluetooth®

(1) Hands-free call can be made whilst linked with a Bluetooth® compatible cellular phone.

(2) Gracenote®’s music database and information is downloadable.

Visual city map that display realistically and finely the landscape of major intersections
Traffic jam forecast function by means of statistical processing of traffic jam data for the past 3 years and also reflecting the day-of-the-week and the seasonal factors
Compatible with iPod and USB memory audio (requiring an adapter separately sold)
Loaded with a high-capacity music file in which about 3,000 music numbers can be recorded
Built-in SD card slot allows you to import photo data and to replay compressed audio sources.
Loaded hz001dp with “SRS CS Auto” that has realized the pseudo stereophonic surround sound effect equivalent to 5.1ch Dolby Digital nr- HZ001DP

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