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2 April 2016

Motorola cuts 77 Windows Mobile developers in Florida

motorola-logoMotorola will be firing 77 Windows Mobile developers from its Plantation facility in Florida, reports the South Florida Business Journal.  The facility will cease all new Windows Mobile development furthering rumors that the handset manufacturer will heavily focus on Android development in 2009.

Affected employees will have the right to apply for open positions in other departments and will receive a severance.

In October 2008, rumors surfaced that Motorola would be conducting a company shakedown, cutting the use of four operating systems and focusing on its proprietary P2K OS for low-end handsets, Android for mid-tier handsets, and Windows Mobile for smartphones.

Earlier this month, a source “familiar with Motorola’s plans” said that the company would focus exclusively on Android phones this year.  With the newly announced layoffs, it looks like Motorola may be merging its WinMo and Android divisions.

This is the latest layoff news from the struggling company.  In mid-January Motorola announced 4, 000 job cuts, most of which would be in its mobile division.  The handset maker, which rapidly lost market share in the fourth quarter,  expects the downsizing will save $700 million this year.

2008 fourth quarter results will be reported February 3.


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