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GPS obsessed

6 February 2012

Motorola i776 On Boost Mobile Gets GPS, Ugliest Form Factor Ever

GPS is a new enough technology to the mobile handset world that a spec stating “built-in GPS” leads to visions of smartphones with sleek, shiny form factors.  This isn’t always the case though.  Just take a look at Motorola’s i776 offering on Boost Mobile through Target.  Not only is the phone just plain ugly, but it has an external antenna reminescent of models from, uh, a decade ago.  However the flip-style Boost Motorola i776 does feature GPS.

That’s about as extensive as the spec sheet over at Target is at the moment though.  Other than that we know it’s a pay-as-you-go phone, features text messaging, storage for 600 names and numbers and has 3.5 hour talk time and 84 hour standby time.  Whether or not it’s available at Target yet is kind of an unknown.  There hasn’t been official confirmation of it being in stock and Boost hasn’t made a formal announcement either.  In any case, what we’d really like to see is how well the GPS works.

target via phonenews

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