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1 November 2012

Mozilla’s Geode Bring LBS Back To The Web (How To Make LBS A Mainstream Success)

Mozilla’s Geode.  This is exactly what I was referring to the other day when I said that the best way for mobile location-based services to achieve mainstream success was to start with the traditional internet.  In my example I discussed how Facebook’s web and mobile-based success, when combined with some sort of positioning technology, could really kick off LBS and threaten companies like Loopt.

Geode is a little bit different, but still takes advantage of the huge amount of people who use the Firefox web browser.  Basically a package of location-aware tools that’s more or less in beta at the moment, Geode supports the W3C Geolocation Specification (which we’ll discuss more in the coming days) that allows websites to request your location.  It uses Skyhook’s Loki technology to fix your position using Wi-Fi signals, usually within 10-20 meters.  Opt-in of course privacy freaks.  By allowing access to your location browsers will better serve local and relevant content to you.

Eventually Geode will be built right into the Firefox browser, but right now it’s a downloadable add-on, which I encourage everyone to try.  Once the web is ubiquitously location-aware, mobile LBS will take off like a rocket.  I haven’t had time yet to play with this, but I’ll definitely let you know more once I have.

via webmonkey

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