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GPS obsessed

3 March 2013

ATP PhotoFinder Pro: A low-cost, simple-to-use photo geotagger

photofinder pro ATP PhotoFinder Pro: A low cost, simple to use photo geotagger

ATP’s new PhotoFinder Pro is probably one of the best on-paper digital photo geotaggers I’ve seen.  While I’ve yet to try it, I’ve heard good things from the most of the blogs discussing it so far.  The PhotoFinder Pro doesn’t require any software installation or ackward camera add-ons.  All that it requires is for you to sync the camera clock with its timer, pop your SD, Memory Stick, or MMC card reader into the camera, and carry the PhotoFinder with you while you’re out snapping pictures.

Like the PhotoFinder Mini, the PhotoFinder Pro continually tracks time and GPS coordinates so when you’re done taking pictures, you pop in your memory card and the times and locations of all your pictures will sync.  The geotagger is compatible with most of the major photo-sharing sites on the web including Picasa, Flickr, iPhoto, Google Earth, Panoramio, Locr, Google Maps and SmugMug.

Despite its vast array of great features, not to mention its high level of usability, the best feature of the ATP PhotoFinder Pro is the price: $119.  Definitely sounds worth it to me.


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