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27 March 2016

NAVTEQ, Intel partner for Moblin development; PND users want map updates

navteqlogo NAVTEQ, Intel partner for Moblin development; PND users want map updatesNokia-owned NAVTEQ just keeps piling on the news.  The digital mapping company has revealed that chipmaker Intel has joined NAVTEQ Network for Developers in order to use NAVTEQ as a channel for access and distribution to developers.  In essence this means that Intel will provide tools and APIs for developers to integrate NAVTEQ’s mapping data with its hardware and software offerings.

While Intel is known recently for dominating the netbook market with its Atom family of semiconductors, it appears that the co-branded partnership will target developers working with its Linux-based Moblin platform used on mobile internet devices.

While mobile internet devices or MIDs haven’t been tremendously popular, especially in North America, there has been some interest in Moblin and several Moblin-based MIDs will ship this year.  This is a move that could threaten PND makers like Garmin and TomTom.  MIDs are similar in form factor to traditional in-car GPS devices but offer added functionality, often media and internet related.  While mobile phones seem to be the trend currently when it comes to portable navigation, a highly functional and portable MID could very well be the navigation choice of the future.

In semi-related news, a NAVTEQ study has revealed that periodic map updates are becoming an increasingly more important part of the overall navigation experience.  The company recently conducted a survey of 9 countries, revealing that 82 percent of United States navigational service users are aware of map update availability, 73 percent of users would like to receive reminders and the majority update their maps every 10 months.  In 2006, only 42 percent opted to receive periodic reminders that they could update their maps.

The most important reasons for wanting map updates includes improved map coverage, road changes, and added points of interest.


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