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GPS obsessed

1 August 2017

Patent reveals location-based, dynamically changing iPhone home screen

iphone screen locatioin 215x300 Patent reveals location based, dynamically changing iPhone home screenJudging by the huge amount of money Apple collects every month from iPhone application sales, it stands to reason that a lot of iPhone and iPod Touch owners suffer from icon clutter on their home screens.  But what if there’s an automatic way to solve this problem?  There just may be sometime in the future.

AppleInsider has revealed an Apple patent application dated February 21, 2008 and titled “Traditional Data Sets”.  The patent describes a process by which home screen applications dynamically change based on variables such as location.  For instance, if I have an iPhone and live in Winnipeg, a weather app would automatically display my local weather forecast.  And should I head to San Francisco, my iPhone’s weather icon would automatically adjust based on the change in location.

Perhaps an even better result of this reliance on location is the organization of contacts.  This might not mean much to the average user, but for a business user with a packed address book, having only local contacts to sort through in each town or city is probably going to be a huge timesaver.  For all the details, check out AppleInsider.

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