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GPS obsessed

2 November 2013

Points Of Interest: XOHM WiMax Launches, China’s GPS Market Explodes, Mitsubishi In-Car Navigators

T-Mobile stops taking Android phone orders-if you’ve been a little slow to the pre-order trigger, you’ll have to wait until at least October 22

GPS navigation is China’s new growth industry-there are upwards of 100 GPS manufacturers in China currently battling for dollars…bringing a whole new meaning to thinning profit margins

Sprint launches XOHM WiMax in Baltimore, will throttle bandwidth-we were excited about talk of XOHM having a location-based backbone, but it looks like all the press will be sucked up by bigtime bandwidth users now

Motorola expands Android team-one of the first members of the Open Handset Alliance has expanded their 50 member Android team to 350 members, meaning the obvious for 2009.  Rumor has it that Nokia and Verizon have their sights set on Android as well.

Mitsubishi’s car navigation system unifies voice, touch operations-coming November 5 to Japan, these two in-car navigation systems come in two models, one seg and full seg, with HDD’s, and voice input of over 10 million destinations.

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