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GPS obsessed

23 December 2014

Post your location on Facebook with Friends on Fire

Yahoo’s Fire Eagle team has launched a Facebook application called Friends on Fire that lets you share your location on the popular social networking platform.

If you have a Fire Eagle account or are willing to sign up for one, Friends on Fire can be added to your Facebook profile like any other application.  The application pulls your location data from Fire Eagle if you want to share it with just certain friends or everyone.  If you have a group of friends using the app, you can see each other plotted on a map as well as leave messages or invitations.

The team has also launched Fire Eagle Updater for Firefox.  Simply a toolbar button, like a bookmarklet, Updater uses Mozilla’s Geode plug-in and nearly Wi-Fi signals to find your location and updates Fire Eagle if you click it.

By the way, I’ve added Friends on Fire to my Facebook profile.  If you use the app, friend me and I’ll add you to my location list!


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