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GPS obsessed

28 April 2016

Rummble: A Unique Play On A Location-Based Mobile Search Engine

I’m surprised I haven’t heard of Rummble earlier, but thanks to a VentureBeat report about the Mobile 2.0 conference across in pond in Europe last week I have now.  Rummble is a location-based social networking startup based in the UK that functions as a clearinghouse for venue reviews, personalized recommendations, and can be used as a Twitter-like microblogging platform.  Ultimately, Rummble’s purpose is to turn all of this information into a mobile search engine that delivers results based on location and a “trust profile for you and the content in your social network“, rather than using the traditional keyword search method.

Definitely an interesting mix of services for one mobile-based product, Rummble is currently in limited open beta.  It works not only on any mobile device globally (for example, hooking into a GPS or cell id) but also on the web, and is featured on other social networks such as Facebook.  Looking to the future, Rummble is apparently looking for funding in order to better utilize the flat rate broadband market coming next year.

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