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25 January 2012

Rumor: HTC working on Android-based, touchscreen handset “better and more functional” than the Pre, iPhone

htc touch diamond wm6 phone Rumor: HTC working on Android based, touchscreen handset better and more functional than the Pre, iPhone

The Consumer Electronics Show was exciting, but now our attention turns to the Mobile World Congress next month.  It’s expected Palm will reveal more details regarding its new products at that time, but a Telstra executive says it may have some competition.  The exec told Smarthouse that HTC will soon launch a handset that will rival both Palm’s Pre and Apple’s iPhone.  The HTC mobile supposedly runs on a combination of Android and Linux-based software written by HTC, has a bigger display than other HTC phones, and is “better and more functional” than any handset on the market.

Says the Telstra executive:

“We have seen both and we believe that the new HTC phone will be a real competitor to the iPhone and the Pre which at this stage looks nice but is still not delivered to market”.

HTC wouldn’t comment on the new phone and wasn’t displaying at CES, but expect an announcement next month at the Mobile World Congress as the phone will supposedly launch in the second quarter. If so, it’s nice to see HTC ditching Windows Mobile.

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