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GPS obsessed

14 December 2014

Smith v. The Abandoned Vessel: Treasure hunter claims to have found lost treasure using Google Maps

For all of those governments, countries, and advocacy groups opposing Google Maps, Earth, and Street View, maybe you should rethink things.  From The Houston Chronicle:

“Treasure hunter Nathan Smith testified today that he not only used Google to spot a buried treasure in South Texas but he also checks updated satellite images to monitor whether anyone else is snooping around the possible loot.”

Yep, that’s right.  Nathan Smith has used Google Maps and Earth to locate a lost ship that supposedly holds $3 billion in gold and silver.  Now I’m not sure if this guy is a nut-he did make a film about 9/11 being some sort of government conspiracy-but it’s an interesting development.

There is a legal fight right now regarding whether or not Smith can dig.  An estate owner claims the land and water in question belongs to him, but I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one.

(Image Credit: drwhimsy)

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