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GPS obsessed

5 April 2016

Sygic finally gets iPhone turn-by-turn GPS app approved

This isn’t such a big deal now that TomTom, Navigon and others have turn-by-turn GPS applications coming for the iPhone, but Slovakian software maker Sygic has finally had its GPS app approved for the App Store in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.  Sygic was one of the first developers to tackle a turn-by-turn navigational app for the iPhone and actually had a version available for jailbroken phones.  You’ll pay dearly for its official app too.  Sygic Mobile Maps for Australia & New Zealand will set you back US$64, while Sygic Mobile Maps for South East Asia will make a US$79.99 dent in your wallet.  Meanwhile, Sygic is still waiting on approval for its North American (United States, Canada, Mexico) and European (44 countries) app versions.


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