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31 March 2016

Sygic submits turn-by-turn iPhone app to App Store, while XRoad’s G-Map gets a turn-by-turn update

We had expected Sygic to demonstrate a voice-prompted, turn-by-turn GPS app at the Mobile World Congress and the company delivered.  The Sygic application also provides a database of POI’s, support for multiple countries, and offline maps that alleviates the slowdown typical of constantly streaming map tiles from the web.

sygic iphone turn by turn Sygic submits turn by turn iPhone app to App Store, while XRoads G Map gets a turn by turn update

The maps are supplied by TeleAtlas and according to what I’ve heard it’s pretty accurate.  However, there is one issue.

Number one, the Sygic iPhone app has just been submitted to the iTune’s store and we all know Apple’s take so far on these types of applications.  Will it actually make it in?  That remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, MacRumors is reporting that XRoad’s G-Map US West and G-Map US East, which have both been in the app store for some time now, were updated to version 1.2 on February 7.  The update apparently now provides turn-by-turn directions in addition to the usual points of interest, searches, routing, and claimed 3D images of major intersections.  Now I don’t have an iPhone-Blackberry fan here-so I can’t confirm all of this.  However, a MacRumors test revealed that there are no voice prompts which renders turn-by-turn directions pretty useless.  It’s tough to use a cellphone for navigation when your eyes are supposed to be on the road.  Voice prompts are a must.

If you’ve tried the update XRoad I’d love to hear if all of this is true-and how well it works if it is.  The apps both cost $19.99-ouch!-so you’ll spend $40 to get full United States coverage.  Not sure if this is worth it.

One thing is for sure-I’ll be keeping my eye on Sygic.  Apple has traditionally kept out turn-by-turn apps, sure, but the company also has a reputation of breaking its own rules in the past.

If nothing else, you can always just jailbreak your phone, download xGPS from Cydia, and get turn-by-turn GPS that way!

 Sygic submits turn by turn iPhone app to App Store, while XRoads G Map gets a turn by turn update

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