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23 July 2012

TomTom’s HD Traffic Coming To Portugal In 2H 2009

TomTom’s HD Traffic, a dynamic provider of traffic information, will be available in Portugal in the second half of 2009 thanks to an exclusive agreement with mobile communications provider Vodafone Portugal.

HD Traffic will use anonymous data from Vodafone network mobile devices, data from connected TomTom devices, and possibly traffic and accident data from Portugal’s government and local fleet companies to provide a comprehensive real-time look at the country’s traffic.  Not only will it be a boon to Portugal’s drivers, who have long suffered with cramped traffic conditions while on the road, it’ll also allow for route pre-planning.  The service sends updates to connected TomTom PND’s every three minutes.

TomTom will also make HD Traffic available to automobile manufacturers to include as a factory install, fleet companies, and other road authorities.  Right now HD Traffic is only available in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and France, but it’s expected to launch in Germany and Switzerland before the end of 2008.

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