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30 December 2017

Vexia Econav 435, 355 GPS navigators spin a green path to the UK

vexia econav 435 Vexia Econav 435, 355 GPS navigators spin a green path to the UK

Spanish GPS maker Vexia have announced plans to release two new portable navigation devices in the United Kingdom-the Econav 435 and Econav 355.  Vexia’s selling point for its two Econav units is that they help drivers choose the most economical and fuel efficient ways to drive, customized to the vehicle model, even notifying drivers which gear they should be driving in and if they are accelerating too fast.

The company claims that if drivers follow its guidance, they can save 15 to 30 percent on their fuel bill depending on the number of miles driven and driving style.  Vexia says these numbers have been the result of studying 16, 000 Vexia users in Spain.

The two Econav 435 models, one with UK & Ireland maps and one with full European coverage, will both have 4.3-inch displays, a pre-loaded speed camera database, voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, Windows CE Core 5.0 OS, and a normal driving mode without the eco-features.  The 435 UK and 435 Europe will ship in September for £169 and £219.

The Econav 355 UK and Econav 355 Europe will have the same features as the Econav 435 but sport a smaller 3.5-inch display.  The 355 line will ship in October for £135 for the UK model and £169 for the European version.

While the green twist is a nice marketing gimmick in a world that’s becoming ever more aware of its impact on the environment, a review of the 435 UK model by CNET indicates that the Vexia Econav line might not be such a worthy buy.  You can read the full review here.


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