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25 January 2012

Vodafone getting the GSM Palm Pre exclusively?

vodafonepar39814imageo Vodafone getting the GSM Palm Pre exclusively?Vodafone could the the UK’s official Palm Pre carrier, according to a rumor.  Nothing is confirmed, but a Vodafone customer service employee has reportedly said that the providers is “in early negotiation with Palm” regarding the Pre, though “nothing is solid”.  Vodafone is apparently denying the rumors, however a posting from Vodafone’s UK customer service forum doesn’t do a whole lot to support the denials.

From the forum:

“That phone does look awesome, we were taking a look at this in the office the other day a few of us have our eye on it, I would keep your eyes peeled on the coming soon section here at our online shop.


eForum Team”

Whether or not Vodafone will exclusively carry what could be the first GSM release of the Palm Pre, it does make sense that the provider would want to carry it. The company’s main competitor O2 is the UK’s exclusive carrier of the iPhone, and with the Pre Vodafone would have a competitive handset to fight back with.
Vodafone getting the GSM Palm Pre?

via precommunity

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