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13 August 2015

Windows Mobile 6.5 rolling out in 2H 2009

Sources at Taiwan handset manufacturers have confirmed that Windows Mobile 6.5 will debut at the Mobile World Congress next month.  Unfortunately we’ll have to wait a little longer for handsets to be blessed with the new operating system.

From Digitimes:

Although a number of Windows Mobile 6.5-based mobile devices are expected to hit the market in the third quarter of 2009, most makers are likely to launch their Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets in the fourth quarter for the year-end shopping season, the sources projected.

Microsoft is also expected to continue its current business model to cooperate with multiple device makers for the development of diversified Windows Mobile 6.5 products instead of focusing on a single model as Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android-based G1 phone, the sources indicated.

Hopefully it’s a good one because Palm’s webOS will be providing a formidable challenge by that time.

via digitimes

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