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GPS obsessed

19 July 2012

Yahoo Fire Eagle now has near real-time location updates

Yahoo’s Fire Eagle seemed to be hiding in the shadows lately and I wondered if the service would last.  But it appears that Yahoo was just busy looking for a solution to deliver location updates to web application faster.  With Fire Eagle’s heavy inclusion privacy and the need to get location data from 3rd party sources, its updates haven’t been able to provide application developers with near real-time information.  This obviously makes location-based applications pretty useless.  Yahoo has decided to incorporate XMPP-Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol-into its data distribution to provide almost real-time location updates.  This is the same standard that has been used for instant messaging and online services such as Friendfeed.  Users of those services know the time between data being sent and received is almost instantaneous.  It’s good to see Yahoo is still trying to make Fire Eagle into an effective service.


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