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GPS obsessed

31 March 2016

Yelp 2.0 iPhone app hits the App Store

A new and improved version of Yelp for the iPhone is now available from the App Store.  One of the best additions to Yelp 2.0 is Quick Tips which allows users to add reviews on the go.  The initial Yelp app for the iPhone didn’t allow this, a considerable problem given the unlikely proposition of adding a review hours later from home.  Also, users can save on-the-go reviews as drafts so, if for instance, a bad review is particularly nasty it can be saved for a later time after the reviewer has cooled off a tad.  A Twitter-like feed of friend activity has been added so users can see what’s happening nearby, via GPS of course, and updates can be voted on as well.  Users can also view larger photos of food dishes, for example, too.  Finally, the United Kingdom version has been updated to use proper English syntax as well as imperial measurements for distances.  Available now, Yelp 2.0 for the iPhone can be downloaded for free from the App Store.


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