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5 April 2016

$1.99 Trails iPhone App More Accurate Than $200 Garmin Edge 305

In another deathblow to the portable navigation device industry, a third party review has found the Trails iPhone application more accurate than the Garmin Edge 305.  The application, developed by German Felix Lamouroux, allows you to import, export and store GPX file format information if you happen to be a hiker, backpacker, jogger, etc.  You can also geotag and geocode non-iPhone pictures and share your travels with others on Google Earth.

The real story here is that the accuracy of the Trails app is more accurate than the positioning information acquired by the Garmin Edge 305.  That’s a big surprise.  From

For example, if you look where the green arrow is pointing in the first image in the article, the Edge futzes by 15 meters the positions when the bike was parked.  Same difference with the second photo showing the part of the trip in the forest.

In the second picture one can see both devices with clear view to the sky providing possibly equal results. As soon as it goes, however, into the woods, the exactness of the Edge strongly decreases. [My editing of a machine translation (advised by my high school German classes).]

You can download the Trail iPhone app at the app store.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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