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GPS obsessed

28 June 2013

Cowon N13 TPEG Plus A Premium GPS/Multimedia Bundle

Cowon N13 TPEG Plus GPS

The Cowon N13 TPEG Plus is an impressive, multi-functional new GPS navigator with multimedia capabilities just released in Korea.  When it’ll hit the US, if it does, we don’t know.  But we do know that we’d like to get our hands on one.

Featuring an 7-inch WVGA TFT LCD color screen from Samsung, a high-end SiRF III chipset, and TPEG, Cowon’s N13 is a premium navigational system.  TPEG, short for Transportation Protocol Expert Group, is Cowon’s technology for receiving live, up-to-the-minute traffic updates, a must-have for today’s GPS systems.  While the N13 may be a great GPS unit, it also has some impressive multimedia capabilities as well.

With audio and video capabilities, the N13 makes for a great portable media device as well.  Utilizing Alchemy AU 1250 600MHz to improve video playback, the Cowon N13 TPEG Plus also features 2 SD slots, a USB port, and AV inputs and outputs.  What makes the N13 unique is its ability to carry out both navigational and multimedia functions simultaneously using both picture-in-picture and navigation-in-picture, so you can go as far as watching a video while navigating from the same screen.

The Cowon N13 TPEG Plus is priced at 519, 000 Korean Won, equivalent to US$552.

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