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2 April 2016

Despite WinMo layoffs, still committed to WinMo: Motorola

motorola moto qq9 Despite WinMo layoffs, still committed to WinMo: Motorola

Despite speculation that Motorola could be scrapping Windows Mobile entirely in favor of Google’s Android operating system, a Motorola spokeswoman says that is not the case.

“It is important to note that Motorola’s strategy for the Mobile Devices business has not changed — we continue to focus on Windows Mobile as one of our software platforms, and there are teams working on Windows Mobile development at other facilities,” she said to PC World, in response to questions regarding the termination of 77 Windows Mobile developers at a Florida-based Motorola facility.

In-Stat analyst Bill Hughes further adds that Motorola historically conducts layoffs across all divisions without regard to which are most successful, making it useless to read into employee movement.

I think that if Motorola had entirely scrapped Windows Mobile, it would have been a bad choice.  The company intends to use the operating system for its higher-end handsets targeted at enterprise users, many of which are avid fans of the OS.  Though Android has serious potential, given its free licensing and open source code, it’s still rough around the edges.  T-Mobile’s G1 is the only Android-based device on the market currently.  Motorola will likely use Android for mid-range devices or a unique handset that can be aimed at the mainstream market, while being different from what other manufacturer’s offer.  This is its best bet until Android is a little bit more cultured.

The company is expected to launch an Android-based mobile phone or phones on the market sometime in 2009.

via pc world

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