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GPS obsessed

14 December 2014

Did Idiot Forever create the Google Street View cheating husband?

cat-fightIt’s tough to tell if this story is true or a ruse, but The Sun is reporting a British woman is bringing the old man to divorce court after finding his Range Rover parked outside another woman’s house on Google Street View.  Both CNET and the UK’s Times Online have made mention of the story, which was apparently started as a joke by Idiot Forever.  I’m inclined to believe this story is false for two reasons.  One, not one publication has tracked down the offending image, and two, Idiot Forever’s explanation of the now-international practical joke is so long and complicated, it just couldn’t be made up.  True or not, wives and girlfriends everywhere will be heading to Street View today to see if they can catch their significant others up to no good.

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