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GPS obsessed

18 March 2013

Digital Cyclone launches My-Cast OneLook, a real-time GPS-based weather app for the iPhone

Given the unpredictability of the weather here in Winnipeg, My-Cast OneLook could be an essential application for iPhone users here-but it only works in the United States.  The application, developed by Garmin subsidiary Digital Cyclone, doesn’t just provide future forecasts (which mean nothing).  It does display future forecasts, but at the same time offers real-time data including current conditions, StormWatch warnings from the National Weather Service, almanac data plotted in relation to forecast, and animated NEXRAD radar and cloud imagery in high resolution.

OneLook determines your location using the iPhone’s GPS sensor so you’ll be automatically directed to pertinent, local weather information.  If you’re planning a trip or traveling for some reason, you can also find future weather information for any location in the United States.  Currently available from the Apple App Store, Digital Cyclone’s My-Cast OneLook will set you back a perfectly reasonable $1.99.


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