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GPS obsessed

26 August 2016

3G iPhone GPS? Not Everyone Thinks So

Apple iPhone

I had an opportunity to speak with Jonas Sellergren, VP of Innovations for Wayfinder, this morning and while I’ll feature a Wayfinder-specific article later today, I figured now was the time to highlight one of his predictions.  As we all know by now, later this morning Steve Jobs is widely rumored to be announcing the 2nd generation 3G iPhone.  Alot of us have been predicting it will have integrated GPS as well, and patents filed by Apple tend to support that prediction.  But when I asked Jonas what he thought, he went against the flow and said that he didn’t think the new iPhone, if unveiled today, would include GPS.  By and large, iPhone users are city dwellers and Wifi-based location technology is quite accurate in urban areas.  Most likely that’s what well see in the 3G iPhone predicts Sellergren.  Okay then, GPS in the 3rd generation iPhone?

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