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GPS obsessed

26 April 2016

Erik Nordenankar Admits World’s Biggest GPS Drawing A Fake

Erik Nordenankar, Merry GPS Prankster

The world’s biggest GPS drawing is nothing more than a hoax! Artist Erik Nordenankar has admitted now that his giant drawing created by a GPS unit shoved in a suitcase and shipped all over the world is just one big fake. Facing pressure by blogger wondering why DHL (the shipping company he used) planes did so many loop-to-loop’s over the Atlantic and seemed to make pitstops in the middle of the water, Nordenankar admitted the hoax after DHL confirmed it was nothing more than a fictional project. DHL claims it gave Nordenankar access to film in their Stockholm warehouse, but the GPS unit never went any further than that. It was simply meant to be nothing more than a conceptual art project and it was never to get beyond the art school the, BS’er was attending. I must say though, this is one intelligent marketing ploy if you happen to be a starving artist looking for attention.

via telegraph

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