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20 July 2012

Eye-Fi SD cards get geotagging from Skyhook Wi-Fi data

eye fi Eye Fi SD cards get geotagging from Skyhook Wi Fi data

Eye-Fi’s SD memory card is a handy addition to any digital camera.  It’s often not cost-effective to embed typical point-and-shoot cameras with GPS receivers so you have to geotag pictures after you upload them to a computer.  Eye-Fi’s SD card has embedded Wi-Fi so using Skyhook Wireless’ hotspot database, pictures you take will be automatically geotagged.  All without the use of GPS.

Another handy feature for Mac users is Eye-Fi’s compatibility with Apple’s iPhoto ‘09 which heavily emphasizes placing location data on media.  Any camera with the Eye-Fi card can wirelessly upload geotagged photos to iPhoto.  Additionally the SD card is compatible with a bunch of online picture sharing services including Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Evernote, and MobileMe.

The Eye-Fi cards comes in three iterations.  The “Home” card comes with basic Wi-Fi and costs $79.99.  The “Share” card enables online uploading for $99.99. And finally, the “Explore” card has both Wi-Fi and geotagging features, costing $129.99.  All the cards hold 2 GB of data.  The Explore version also includes a one year subscription to Wayport Wi-Fi network access which typically carries a $14.95 value.

via appleinsider

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