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GPS obsessed

1 September 2012

Foursquare for Blackberry now available

badges blackberry foursquare Foursquare for Blackberry now available

As an avid Blackberry user I’m absolutely thrilled that Foursquare finally released a dedicated Blackberry client today for all 8000 and 9000 models. The application has all of the functionality of the iPhone and Android app, including its signature sauce the “check-in”. According to some beta testers the Blackberry app is a little buggy when it comes to location sensing, but that’s most likely a Blackberry problem I would think. Tomorrow I’m finally updating my Curve 8330 which doesn’t really work anymore so I’m excited to give it a try over the weekend. Of course I live in Winnipeg, Canada-not exactly early adopter central-so we’ll see what happens.


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