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22 August 2012

Garmin iPhone app coming in September, nuv garmin iphone in Q4

Garmin iphone nuviphone navigation 150x150 Garmin iPhone app coming in September, nuviphone in Q4Garmin confirmed yesterday that the first Garmin-Asus nuviphone would be released in the United States in the 4th quarter of 2009, but contrary to popular belief, the company also has a Garmin iPhone app forthcoming.

The app, from Garmin subsidiary Digital Cyclone, is a flight planning effort called Pilot My-Cast that will be coming to the App Store in September for American and Canadian iPhone/iPod Touch owners.

Pilot My-Cast enables pilots to create flight plans and submit them to the aviation system and includes the full 5, 300 airports found within the AOPA Airport Directory.  The iPhone version will also include information about 7, 000 airport service providers and airport diagrams.

The real focus of Pilot My-Cast seems to be on weather.  The app pulls data from the National Weather Service and the Federal Aviation Administration, enabling pilots to see current and predicted weather, including satellite weather loops, lightning strike reports, wind aloft reports, and a variety of other flight-related data.

Garmin iphone Digital Cyclone hasn’t announced pricing for the application yet, but it usually costs $10 on other mobile platforms such as Blackberry.

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