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GPS obsessed

9 April 2017

GOOG-411 now lets you hear maps

phone GOOG 411 now lets you hear mapsIn a bit of a play on synesthetic perceptions, Google has found a way to enable us to hear maps by way of its GOOG-411 service.  If you haven’t used GOOG-411 before, it’s a local business directory accessible via your phone when don’t have an internet connection with you.  And while the service is handy, it’s not always the best solution for those looking for a business in a new city.

So to correct this, Google has also added the nearest street intersection or nearest adjacent street to the usual address and phone number information.  This’ll help users orient themselves without the use of a visual map.  Google says that the intersections will be available in United States and Canada, derived by an algorithm written on 20 percent time by Google employees in New York and London.


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