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GPS obsessed

7 March 2016

Google Chrome OS netbook will have GPS (leaked specs)

chrome os Google Chrome OS netbook will have GPS (leaked specs)

Specifications have supposedly leaked for the Google Chrome OS netbook and if true, the 10.1-inch portable computer will include GPS. According to the IBTimes, the Google Chrome OS netbook will be powered by an ARM CPU and have an NVIDIA Tegra chipset. Additionally, it’ll have a 1, 280 x 720 pixel, HD-ready, touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2 GB of RAM, a 64 GB SSD, a webcam, multi-card reader, Ethernet and USB ports, and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

All of the usual Google apps will apparently be included as well like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Voice Search, and Google Maps.

Google is also said to be selling the Chrome OS netbook directly to consumers for under $300, though is the United States there may be some tie up with network operators. The same idea as the Nexus One it seems. Take this all with a grain of salt though. I’ve never heard of IBTimes for starters and the Chrome OS netbook (if there is such a thing) isn’t supposed to bit the market until winter 2010!


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