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6 May 2012

Google Earth Lets iPhone Users Navigate The Globe With A Finger Swipe

A little over three years after the inauguration of Google Earth, it’s now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It definitely won’t look as good on the iPhone as your desktop or notebook computer, but come on now, you are after all carrying 3D mapping and real photographic terrain in your pocket.  Launched yesterday in 22 countries and 18 different languages, Google Earth makes use of all the bells and whistles the new Apple iDevices offer.

The free download enables you to spin to anywhere on the globe using the simple swipe of your finger across the touchscreen, and you can zoom in or out by either pinching the screen or for zooming in, double tapping with one finger, and for zooming out double tapping with two fingers.  Google Earth also utilizes the iDevice’s accelerometer so you can just tilt the phone to optimize your view of mountainous or difficult terrain.

Google also has integrated My Location into the application so you can instantly be found on the globe should you choose, as well as a layer for Panoramio’s geo-tagged photo network and geo-specific Wikipedia articles.  On a more local note, you can use Google’s Local Search to search for business, landmarks, or points of interest anywhere around the globe.

You can download Google Earth for the iPhone or iPod Touch now from the iTune’s App Store, or as I like to call it around here the iPhone App Store.

via googlelatlong

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