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8 November 2015

Google Gears Geolocation API: Improve Your Mobile Apps With An Instant Location Fix

Just a few months before Google is expected to release their Android mobile operating system, the company has released the Google Gears Geolocation API.  The Geolocation API is used on both mobile and desktop browsers, enabling the information displayed to be contextual relevant to a user’s location.

Two UK mobile startups, lastminute and Rummble, have already released applications utilizing the API.  lastminute uses the API to update your location and find restaurants in your vicinity without requiring you to type in your location, while Rummble uses the API in the same way to find your location and show you recommended hotspots near you.

Interestingly, the Geolocation API only works with Windows Mobile devices, but we’re sure this’ll change when Android finally makes an appearance.  My guess is that Google chose Windows Mobile because of the sheer number of devices using the operating system, but I still find it strange that they’d release such a useful API to a competing operating platform just before Android’s launch.

The API can use GPS to find your location if your Windows Mobile device is equipped, or cell tower triangulation if need be.  If it’s being used on a laptop or PC, the API will use your IP address instead.


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