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GPS obsessed

7 February 2016

Acer DX900 GPS smartphone up for preorder

Acer, the king of netbooks, has already confirmed a smartphone launch at the Mobile World Congress.  While we hoped it would be one of the many expected Android-based phones on tap, it looks like it’ll be running Windows Mobile.  It also likes like nothing but a rebranded E-TEN Glofiish DX900 judging by the preorder page that has popped up on the website of UK-based Clove Technology.  Acer isn’t tried to hide the fact either, renaming the handset Acer DX900 and pricing it at an unlocked $570.  The specs look to be the same as well.  Features include a 2.8-inch VGA display, dual SIM slots, WinMo 6.1, UMTS/HSDPA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3 megapixel camera, front facing VGA camera, GPS, TV out, and a microSD slot.  Boy Genius featured a picture of a purported Acer smartphone that looks a whole lot different than the DX900.  This one has a swivel keyboard and could possibly be an Android phone if Acer has plans to unveil an entire line.

via cnet

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