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24 March 2013

Google Maps Gets A Street View Overhaul

Google Maps got a major overhaul yesterday, integrating Street View more effectively into the mapping platform.  At the core of the change is a little guy called ‘Pegman’.  He sits at the top of the zoom bar, and when dragged over the map you’ll see a preview of any relevant Steet View material.  If you drop him on the map Street View will take over the entire window, but a small map of the surrounding area will remain in the bottom right hand corner.

There’s also a new split-screen feature that’s great for getting driving directions.  Not only can you see directional arrows and other guides in the Street View window, but you can preview turns in advance from the Maps window.

The new setup might now be quite as intuitive as it previously was, especially for long time users.  But the video above explains it all pretty well.

via latlong

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