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GPS obsessed

22 August 2012

Google Maps gets a visual redesign

Google Maps Before and After

Google Maps Before and After

Google Maps has been visually upgraded to make finding things a little bit easier. The Maps team has consistently added features to the Google Maps platform since it originally launched almost 5 years ago. But with ever more information to sift through, the view can get a bit cluttered at times. Google has responded by making some minor changes that make a major difference in the readability of its maps.

From the Google LatLong blog:

The changes affect both the ‘Map’ and ‘Hybrid’ styles, and include numerous refinements to color, density, typography, and road styling worldwide.  For example, in map view, local and arterial roads have been narrowed at medium zooms to improve legibility, and the overall colours have been optimized to be easier on the eye and conflict less with other things (such as traffic, transit lines and search results) that we overlay onto the map.  Hybrid roads have gained a crisp outline to make them easier to follow, and the overall look is now closer to an augmented satellite view instead of a simple overlay.

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