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26 April 2016

Privacy group wants Google Street View shut down in UK

The Brits have had enough.  Between people peeing and puking all over the place and a remarkable 60 foot penis appearing on a £1, 000, 000 Berkshire mansion, the Google Street View publicity must stop according to the lobby group Privacy International.


The group has filed a formal complaint with the UK’s Information Commissioner asking for Street View to be shut down while it is investigated.  Launched on March 19, Google Street View UK has already drawn over 200 reports from people claiming to be identifiable on the mapping imagery.  Google is required to blur out faces that happen to be caught by passing Street View cars which take pictures for the platform, but occasionally its face recognition technology isn’t sufficient.  However, Privacy International said it filed the complaint after the “clear embarrassment and damage” many Britons have apparently suffered from Street View.  This can be interpreted to mean that many of the cited complaints probably come from the same people peeing, puking, running around naked, and leaving porno shops.

Google says the International Commissioner’s Office was satisfied with the privacy measures in place prior to launch, calling the suit a “publicity stunt.”  This is just in a day’s work for Google.  As its chief executive officer Eric Schmidt put it, “We get sued every day.”


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