JVC KW-NX7000 GPS Gets Reviewed

by Justin on October 3, 2008

JVC’s KW-NX7000 GPS is incredibly easy-to-use, accurate and good value for your money according to the folks over at CNET.  With a 7-inch LCD touchscreen this dual-DIN device sports text-to-speech with added custom messages that’ll greet you humorously when turned on.  The display also has a proximity sensor that intuitively displays touch areas when your hand nears the screen, and is removable, hiding a single CD slot, two SD card slots, and a flash memory card housing the NAVTEQ map data.  Owners of the KW-NX7000 also get a 90-day free trial of NAVTEQ Traffic RDS, providing real-time traffic data.

The KW-NX7000 also plays back CD’s and DVD’s.  Digital audio can be played off an SD card or a connected iPod through a USB port.  DVD playback isn’t that great, but the device conveniently plays back DivX encoded discs as well.  Sound is pumped through a 50 Watt speaker powered by a four channel internal amp with high and low power modes.  The only real problem with the device is that hands-free Bluetooth requires a separately purchased module.

Available from Amazon, the JVC KW-NX7000 is priced at $809.

via cnet

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