Motorola bringing 2 Android phones to CES. Could one be the Shadow or Mirage?

motorola shadow mirage Motorola bringing 2 Android phones to CES. Could one be the Shadow or Mirage?

Motorola announced its intent to turn around its flailing mobile phone business with the Android operating system some time ago. At the time I wasn’t so sure it would happen, but fast forward to pre-CES 2010 and now I’m a little bit more confident.

Yesterday Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdry, via Barron’s, revealed that Motorola “may announce” two new Android-based handsets at CES. One would head to the AT&T network in the United States, complete with an OLED screen, physical keyboard, and the “Google experiences” (??) software environment as opposed to the MotoBlur version. A second Android handset would be available via Verizon Wireless, also in the US, and have an OLED screen but a soft keyboard.

Further making this somewhat vague revelation intriguing is a picture that appeared on a Chinese website today of a supposed Motorola phone with a huge 4.3-inch display (via BGR). No doubt a phone with a screen of that size would have an optional car dashboard mount to go along with it. It would make the perfect crossover automotive GPS navigator/cellphone, assuming the phone includes a GPS chipset.

The display would have 800 x 484 pixel resolution, the same as found on most standard 3.7-inch screens. Other features of note include an 8 megapixel camera, 1080p video playback, and a thin 9 millimeter form factor. As for a name: Mirage/Shadow is what it’s going by for now.

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