Quick reads: Garmin nuvi 1860, Apisphere raises money, Ouidoo AR phone

by Justin on January 31, 2010

Geomate.jr maker raises cash: Apisphere, maker of the Geomate.jr handheld geocaching device and location-based enterprise software has raised $4.6 million in funding.

Ouidoo augmented reality phone with GPS: A company called QderoPateo is attempting to make a mobile phone specifically for augmented reality called the Ouidoo. According to co-founder Steve Chao, the Ouidoo combines GPS, accelerometers and gyrometers to calculate location 10 times more accurately than GPS alone.

Garmin nuvi 1860 coming out in UK: This 4.8-inch GPS includes a web browser, Wi-Fi and a camera that can geotag pictures. Other features are typical though the price tag is a bit atypical in a market not so favorable to the PND-about £499 (US$800).

  • WatsonRodriguez
    According to Engadget, the nuvi 1860 has more characteristics of a smartphone or MID than a GPS unit. It will run a Linux OS that has a Web browser (including YouTube support) and will have multimedia, email, and Internet radio applications
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