Stopping Crime in its Tracks

by Justin on June 1, 2010

By James Neely/Guest Author

Bank robbers have been showcased by movies and television countless times, with real life characters such as Bonnie and Clyde adding glamour to bad choices. One thing bank robbers traditionally had in their favor was the element of surprise. Even when businesses installed elaborate alarm systems, hired guards, and trained employees in emergency procedures, the bank robber could often make a clean escape simply by planning his strike so that he caught people off guard and could escape before being stopped or seen clearly. But no more. Today, GPS tracking devices can help police track down stolen cash even if no one saw the thief and he left no traces behind.

In an effort to protect assets, many banks now place GPS tracking devices alongside cash when it’s placed in bags to be transported. When a would-be robber demands money, he doesn’t know that the bag he receives from the clerk can bring police officers straight to him. One recent example of the strategy’s effectiveness occurred in Atlanta when a man walked into a bank and demanded money. Witnesses reported seeing the robber drive away in a black SUV, so as the police began their investigation, they focused on similar vehicles. A GPS tracking unit inside the bag of cash, however, eventually led officers not to a black SUV, but to a gold Nissan, where they apprehended both cash and criminal.

Law enforcement departments that are strapped for cash can realize more positive results in numerous investigations when they implement GPS tracking to help them solve cases. Recovering stolen vehicles and property, monitoring suspected or convicted criminals, and apprehending thieves like the bank robber in Atlanta can all be done more effectively with the implementation of GPS tracking. Acting as another set of eyes, a GPS tracking unit can stay with a person or piece of property at all times without needing breaks or overtime pay. By sending signals at intervals, the unit discloses the location of the item, vehicle, or person it’s tracking accurately within a few feet.

While the days of Bonnie and Clyde may be long past, bank robbers are still around, and they’re getting smarter and more technologically advanced. Thankfully, law enforcement departments have the tools necessary to fight back. With GPS tracking implemented into a law enforcement program, departments can not only increase their recovery rates for stolen items, but they can do so on a limited budget while still offering protection to the public.

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