Veriplace location aggregation platform opens up to app developers

by Justin on May 20, 2009

wavemarket logo Veriplace location aggregation platform opens up to app developersWavemarket has opened up its Veriplace platform to 3rd party developers today.  Veriplace is a location aggregation platform serving the North American market that is basically a middleware solution between application developers and wireless carriers.  Consisting of a User Discovery API, Get Location API, Management API and Privacy Engine, the Veriplace platform allows developers to access real-time user location data for use in their apps.

The Privacy Engine forms a core part of the platform, allowing application users full control over the visibility of their location.  In fact you’re probably unknowingly using it if you use any Family Locator product typically offered through major American wireless providers.

For developers, the Veriplace platform looks fairly clean and simple to use.  It utilizes RESTful APIs as well as OAuth, both common development frameworks on the web, as well as Microsoft Virtual Earth maps .  It also enables location data to be pulled from multiple carriers via a single API, a must for success with things like social network applications.

Wavemarket expects several applications created in its beta phase to launch with tier-one carriers in the United States within weeks.  It’ll be interesting to see exactly what developers have come up with.  Let’s just hope it isn’t another social network!


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