Vodafone shuts down Wayfinder due to Google, Nokia

by Justin on March 12, 2010

wayfinder Vodafone shuts down Wayfinder due to Google, Nokia

The demise of paid mobile mapping applications has begun. Just last year, European wireless carrier Vodafone shelled out $30 million to purchase Swedish startup Wayfinder, a turn-by-turn navigation platform. Of course, at the time Vodafone has every intention of charging for the application to make that $30 million back.

With the release of free Google Maps Navigation and free Nokia Ovi Maps navigation, both fully featured turn-by-turn navigation apps, Vodafone’s Wayfinder vision was cooked and the service has been officially shut down.

Vodafone’s Anna Cloke spoke to Engadget and put things into perspective:

“We could not charge for something that other gave away for free.”

And the deathwatch begins…

  • jessicaKlose
    I am using Google maps and it is free, who doesn't want free navigation and that also with all the features. We always think of our budget and so this is the best device which saves us from spending more.
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