VZ Navigator 5 shares your GPS location with Facebook

by Justin on January 31, 2010

vz navigator facebook location VZ Navigator 5 shares your GPS location with Facebook

Techcrunch’s MG Siegler has the scoop on a new feature coming to Verizon’s VZ Navigator mobile navigation software tomorrow. Apparently VZ Navigator, which features turn-by-turn GPS directions, will be released in its fifth iteration tomorrow with the ability to share your location with Facebook.

Personally I don’t find this interesting, though it is useful for hardcore Facebook fans who don’t have too many options when it comes to sharing their lat/long locations with friends. Facebook doesn’t support location sharing natively at this time and other solutions such as Yahoo Fire Eagle and Nokia’s Lifecasting with Ovi really aren’t that streamlined from a usability perspective. So VZ Navigator’s Facebook location integration could be useful for a certain type of mobile user tied to Verizon Wireless.

With Google and Nokia both offering free navigation software that will include all these features for free one day, paying $9.99 per month for VZ Navigator 5 seems sort of silly to me. But then again, I live in Canada…

  • WatsonRodriguez
    Verizon Wireless’ latest release of VZ Navigator 5.0 has taken mobile GPS navigation to a whole new level. They have integrated the VZN service with Facebook, what this means is you can update your status from the app, and even share your locations with friends. This is an option of course, you don’t have to share your location when you post to your FB status.
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